“BABY LANGUAGE” – The Baby Wakes Up Crying : Why and What To Do?

From the first day, we are communicating with our kids. We speak to them, sing to them, smile, kiss them, make funny noises, and that will not go unnoticed. Baby will, in its language, talk to us, and try to say what it needs. But the problem is that we often don't quite understand their language.

So far, you realized that small babies cry a lot. Crying is their way to say to us that something is wrong – if they are hungry, if they are thirsty, if the diaper is full, if they had a nightmare, if they are too hot, or they are too cold, and the list goes on…

But sometimes, the baby will cry for no reason at all. After you finished a long list of daily duties, you sing your baby to sleep, and honestly, hope that your little one will sleep through the night because we all need a rest. You lay in your bed and fall into sleep…

Minutes or hours, you will not know for how long you slept, but suddenly baby starts to cry and wakes everyone up. The force of the infant's cry will make the thunder sound like a mouse squeak. Even after months have passed since you got your baby, you will jump right out of your bed the moment you hear that cry. The first question that you ask yourself is "what happened?" and "where am I," and then when you realize that your child needs you you'll ask yourself "what to do now?"

It is important to know that every single baby in the world represents a particular example of behavior. Therefore, from my perspective, we can talk about similarities and nearly matching experiences.

From the text bellow you will learn the basics and main reasons why the baby wakes up crying and what could you do?

Baby Wakes Up Crying

Milk and Diaper addicted

First and most usual, a baby will wake up and cry out for help because it is hungry. Babies eat, sleep, pee or poop in the diaper, and then they are back to the beginning of the cycle. Nevertheless, the baby could cry between all these actions. So, you try with breastfeeding or bottle and see if your little one is hungry. Or, check the diaper, maybe you need to change it.

Learning how to sleep

Many scientists and pediatricians are claiming that babies are learning how to sleep, literally step-by-step. These steps are also called sleep cycles. Baby will wake up during the night as the brain waves shift and move from rapid eye movement sleep (REM) to other stages of non-REM sleep. Sleep cycles are an ongoing action, and between every period, the transition will appear. Finally, throughout the transitions, many babies will wake up and cry.

Further, around the half of infancy (6-months-old baby), the brain waves are not like they were in the first month, and some children could hit a 6+ hours sleep. The reason is that the brain waves are getting more mature, and some scientists are claiming that brain waves from 6 months old infant look similar to 18-year-olds. What?! Now, they are not the same, they are just similar, and this is a good sign that your baby is growing up well. Still, the baby will wake up, and it would want to get back to sleep.

Finally, some pediatricians recommend that parents should try to do less and less as the infancy is moving on. In other words, you need to let your baby self-soothe more and more without help, so the all-night sleep becomes natural. Personally, I don't agree on this, but that is my choice.

Develop the sleep routine

This one is important. You need to try to teach your baby to go to bed at the same time every day and every night. Your child will not gain this kind of sleep habit quickly, but you need to persist. It will not be easy, believe me; it needs time, but it is worth so much.

My baby developed the sleep habit which was so accurate that you can easily wind up the clock to it. Also, the sleeping pattern is related to how you put your baby to sleep. Rocking, or singing to sleep, with or without the bottle, with a pacifier or without it – the baby will remember all of these associations. So, when the baby wakes up crying, it may be the sign that the child wants some of these associations.

First teeth and infections

My mother, who is a dentist, once told me that when the teeth start to grow, the process is so painful that could make the fully grown up person faint, instantly. Yes, the growth of the teeth could be a reason for the baby to wake up crying, and this will appear around the 6th month of infancy.

At the same time, the possibility that your child will have some infection increases because the baby will start to put almost everything in its mouth. Therefore, the risk of being exposed to germs increases. When this time comes, you must be prepared for fever, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing and sneezing, because these are the reasons why your baby will wake up and cry for care and help.

Visiting and consulting with the pediatrician is important because he will give you advice or some medical treatment to help your baby.


We have come to an end of the short story called why the baby wakes up crying and what can you do? Still, the best advice and most real information could sound like this - don't panic, stay calm, be positive and if there is some serious problem, ask for the professional assistance.

Always have on your mind that your baby has to adapt to the world outside and struggle with everything that world has to offer. Meet, know and love your child because the day will come when you will realize that your little one is just like you.

“BABY LANGUAGE” – The Baby Wakes Up Crying : Why and What To Do?