Best Diaper Pail 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Having a baby is the one of the most wonderful things you can experience in life. Your new bundle of joy will bring a smile to your face every time she smiles, but there will be other moments as well. Every young parent knows what I am talking about; the moments when your dearest starts crying for the tenth time in a single day, signalizing the diaper is full. The skill of changing diapers is going to be one you will have to master, and in time, almost everyone learns to cope with this task.

Stinky diapers, on the other hand, can make a happy home smell atrocious. Especially when your baby starts eating solid food. That is when diaper pails come into play – useful, effective, and very valuable for young parents. Getting the best diaper pail you can find is something you will remember with joy, especially when you notice the difference. No more stinky bombs in the house. I have done some research and found the best diaper pails for young parents, so let’s check them out:

Now, let’s review them one by one:

Top 10 Best diaper pail 2018 Comparison Table

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail
Absorbant, good capacity, no battery required12.2 x 27.6 x 13 inches12.1 pounds
Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, GrayEasy to use, uses kitchen garbage bags15 x 10.8 x 22.5 inches7 pounds
Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail, WhiteBig compartment, hands-free usage, good smell containment21.5 x 12.5 x 9 inches
6.7 pounds
Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor-Lock Technology, WhiteModern design, Carbon filter, good containment
10.2 x 13.5 x 21.8 inches
8.5 pounds
Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail
Affordable, deodorizer included, two lids, one-hand usage
15 x 10.9 x 18.4 inches
2.9 pounds
Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail, Gray
Great design, hands-free usage, safety door
24 x 15 x 11 inches
9 pounds
Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail Starter Set with 4 Refills, Grey
Ideal for smaller places, keeps the smell away
16.4 x 11.6 x 10.1 inches
5.2 pounds
Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail (7 gallon: 1-2 days) by Busch Systems
Ideal for cloth diapers, easy to use, eco-friendly
17.4 x 13.3 x 13.3 inches
3.8 pounds
Bubula Steel Diaper Pail, White
Tall ergonomic design, safety lock, great odor containment
11.3 x 11.3 x 25 inches
8 pounds
Charlie Banana Washable Hanging Diaper Pail
Budget-friendly, rucksack-like design, waterproof, easy to wash
10.4 x 1.2 x 7.2 inches
8 ounces

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, Gray

The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is recognized for its ability to have reliable odor control and value, utilizing almost any standard trash bag as well as reusable cloth liner. A full range of their products is now available for parents who are looking for stylish and, most of all, functional baby essentials. With their innovative design capabilities, this brand is now expanding its signature diapering selection.

This diaper pail is made of powder-coated steel, which is suitable for maximum odor control, unlike the plastic versions. It has rubber seals, which are designed to lock in odors as well as a sliding lid, which will minimize air disruption while keeping the unpleasant smell inside the pail. Just slide the lid back, and then throw in the diaper, and slide it closed. It is simple like that. In addition, it is very sturdy and feels like it is well constructed.

This award-winning diaper pail offers the convenience of utilizing any standard kitchen trash bag or reusable cloth liner, which is a good value. This handy feature makes this disposal system very easy to load, empty and clean as well. In addition, the childproof lock is included so toddlers cannot go rummaging through used diapers. Last, but not the least, it has a very slim and stylish design which is available in an array of colors.

Even with the child lock for opening, there is nothing to lock the lid from flipping up. Therefore, to change the bags, the lid flips up to expose the entire pail. There were some issues with the odor containment since when you open the door when disposing of the diaper, the air will waft out unchecked, and you will be struck with a horrific stench (confirmed by another Ubbi diaper pail review). You will need to be really fast while dumping the diapers and hold your breath.

In my opinion, this diaper pail was just okay and did the fair job containing the unpleasant smell, at least when the lid wasn’t opened. I liked that Ubbi used steel instead of plastic lowering the chance of bad smells being absorbed, along with rubber seals located at the important joints, which will make sure the odors will stay inside. Other Ubbi diaper pail reviews confirm my experience, so I’m confident that they are a good resource.


Uses regular kitchen garbage bags

Stainless steel body

Easy to load and change bags

Wide variety of colors available


Reduced odor containment

No lock for the lid flipping up

Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail, White

The Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail is designed to make the unpleasant chore, which is disposing of diapers, as easy as possible while going easy on your budget as well. It is simple enough as to step on the foot pedal and drop the dirty diaper through the pail trap door without twisting, squishing or cramming. In other words, it should be 100% hands-free.

This diaper pail features a childproof lock to keep the curious toddler away. Its continuous liners will allow you to empty the pail whenever you want just by using only as many refills as you need. You will only have to cut the refill with the kid-safe cutter (located inside the access door), discard and lastly tie a knot in the remaining bag. There is no need to waste a full bag to empty the diaper pail, which is partially full.

In addition, it features a triple odor control, which will keep the unpleasant smell in the pail. First of all, the spring-loaded door will shut immediately when the diaper passes through. The rubber gaskets on the trap door and the top lid will seal odors inside tightly. Finally, the liner will help to neutralize odors with a pleasant baby powder scent.

I have noticed that biodegradable refills were terrible at containing the odor so try not to use them. Unfortunately, it will work best with Diaper Dekor bags, which are not so good at containing smells. Also, the hinges on the trap door look like they are prone to breakage and the foot pedal was no different. I didn’t like the plastic material which is very prone to absorbing the odor.

Interestingly enough is that you will be able to use this diaper pail even after your toddler is out of diapers. You will just have to pop out the diaper insert and use it in the kitchen, bathroom or a garage, which is very practical. Also, I liked that the Dekor Cloth Diaper Liner bags could hold up to 45 diapers and that it is available in three color variations - white, gray and sage. Reading another Dekor Diaper Pail review, I’ve learned that tight wrapping of the diapers (carefully not to spill the baby feces) creates additional space in the pail.


Holds up a lot of diapers

Hands-free operations

Contains the odor in very well


Biodegradable refills will poorly contain odor

Joints on the trap door seem liable to breakage as well as the foot pedal

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor-Lock Technology

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor-Lock Technology, White

Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail with Odor Lack Technology is very modern and advanced diaper pail model. It comes in five different colors: white, blue, pink, green and gray so it can easily be combined with other furniture in the nursery. Also, with its modern design and Odor-Lock Technology, it is the perfect gift for new parents.

This diaper pail has a carbon filter built in because the greatest problem with disposing of diapers are odors. They contain germs, and in most cases, they are unyielding and highly unpleasant. This filter absorbs the odors and immensely reduces the possible unpleasant smells and germs. In addition, the fear of many parents are bacteria, and they can develop from odors. Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail has the antimicrobial protection that is provided by a basic bag and pail that goes above.

Double-lock design provides a complete and tight seal so no unpleasant smells can come out. In addition, parents and adults can open this diaper pail very easily thanks to the foot pedal, but it also prevents children or pets to get it open.

The capacity of Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail is excellent. It can hold more than thirty-eight newborn diapers so you can forget about changing the bag on a daily basis. Although the Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail requires specially designed bags and refills, the investment is more than justified. These bags are 5-layer bags, and they are designed to seal in odors, germs, and bacteria. Also, the process of emptying the diaper pail is very simple; you just need to cut and knot the bag to dispose of it.

The biggest flaw of Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail are refills that are bit expensive. Many parents consider it as a significant outgo on a monthly basis. Also, refills don’t have indicators that show when they are going to run out.

Overall, Playtex Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail is excellent and reasonably priced diaper pail. It looks very modern and has technological upgrades that distinguish it from other models that can be found on the market. This diaper pail keeps you and your baby safe from germs and bacteria and contains the undesirable smells inside. This diaper pail model is perfect for modern parents.


Comes in different colors

Modern design

Contains smell

Good diaper capacity

Has carbon filter


Expensive refills


Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail is not the prettiest, but it’s very convenient and easy operable diaper pail. In addition, it is suitable for disposing of cloth and disposable diapers. This diaper pail comes with deodorized disc, which keeps the unpleasant smells inside. The advantage of this diaper pail model is its compatibility with all standard plastic bags. This feature is very convenient because it will help you save money. In addition, the advantage of Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail is its size. The diaper pail can hold thirteen-gallon kitchen bags, so there is no need for an often change of the bag (that is about twenty diapers).

This diaper pail model has no problem with removing and inserting the bags. When you need to change the bag the whole lid opens so you have enough space to remove the old and put a new bag in without the fear of spilling or touching the bag content. The liner is of high quality, and once your baby stops using the diapers, you can remove it and use the diaper pail as a regular trash can.

Although Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail comes with deodorizer, there is still a problem with containing smells. The problem is in the lid, which doesn’t seal tight, so the smells come out. Wrapping up the dirty diaper tightly or putting an additional deodorizer (you can find yourself the best diaper pail deodorizer separately) can help in reducing the bad smells because there is a lot of free space on deodorizer disc holder.

Overall, Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail is not the perfect diaper pail, but it is very usable. I appreciate the balance between the price and the quality of this diaper pail. The disposal capacity is incredible; it saves time and money because there is no need for changing the bags too often. In addition, the process of changing bags is simple and effortless. What I didn’t like about this diaper pail is its design and noise it makes when opening and closing the lid. The Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail has more advantages than disadvantages, and it is worth the price.



Two lids

One-hand use

Uses standard plastic bags

No leaks

Good diaper capacity

Deodorizer disc included


Not so good quality

Doesn’t contain smell

Quite a noise on open and close

Looks ugly

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail, Gray

Designed to ease diaper handling, Dekor Plus Diaper Pail provides pretty much everything that you need when it comes to disposal of used diapers for both cloth and disposable ones. It has a modern design that comes in six different colors. Being hands-free, you can use it while holding the baby, without bending, which can be quite convenient. That means no contact with the pail, no squishing soiled diaper, making this unpleasant experience totally germ-free. The childproof safety lock does its work if you have curious toddler explorers running around the house.

It has continuous liners that allow you to empty the pail whenever you want and with the built-in kid-safe cutter, simply cut the refill, tie a knot at the bottom, and it is ready to be used again. This can be quite handy. For example, if the odor starts to escape the pail, simply cut the liner, even if it has only one diaper in it, make a new one and its ready to be used again.

Unlike many other, Dekor Plus Diaper Pail is built from closed-cell plastic materials that don't absorb the odor over time, making it one of the best on the market. One more feature is that this plastic is very durable and scratch resistant, ensuring nice look even after years of usage. You can use it not only as a diaper disposal solution but also for getting rid of pet waste or perhaps for a regular trashcan for your bathroom, garage or kitchen.

Despite the fact that this is one of the best diaper pails on the market, it still has a few flaws. No matter what you do, the odor will still find the way out of the pail, therefore the liners have to be often replaced. The price of refills is not cheap, forcing the question – should we buy regular trash bags and save the money, or pay a little bit more and have unique abilities that continuous liners provide.

To wrap it up, this diaper pail delivers a magnificent design with some great solutions when it comes to hygiene, child safety, and space management. You get a lot of value for the price, but if keeping the odor in check is the main reason you are looking for a diaper pail, try exploring a little bit more.


Hands-free usage

Closed-cell plastic material that doesn’t absorb the smell

Easy liner replacement

Can be used as a regular trash can when the diaper period ends

Child-proof safety door


Odor is not fully contained in the pail

Expensive liner cartridges

Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail Review : Starter Set with 4 Refills

Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail Review : Starter Set with 4 Refills, Grey

Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail is a minimalistic way to handle the unwanted goods, simple and fast. It comes in 3 different colors so you can match it with your interior easily. Its small dimensions save you space, but still handle a decent amount of diapers, 18 size-one, to be exact. Dimensions are small enough to fit into the nursery cupboard making it more practical and user-friendly. This diaper pail can have multiple purposes; it is not for diaper disposal only. Pet waste or any other garbage that has bad smell can be stored inside, due to its odor containment ability.

Starter set includes four refill cartridges, which is enough for 720 diapers overall. The built-in cutter makes it easy for the user to change the film by simply cutting it and tying a knot at the bottom. The prefix “childproof” comes with it, of course. The multi-layer film contains antibacterial ingredients, and it kills 99% of germs, which is quite important if you want to maintain a clean environment for the baby. One of the best features of this product is the smart seal lid that prevents odor from escaping the pail, keeping your room fresh and germ-free. Not every pail can do that as effective as this one.

Although it is a great solution if you live in a small apartment and space-saving is a must, its small dimensions limit the amount of waste it can hold and asks for frequent bag replacement. The absence of foot pedal forces the user to get in direct contact with the pail which can be a hygiene issue. And on the top of all that, the lid is too tight, making it even harder to operate with. Its low height asks for bending down every time a dirty diaper needs to be disposed of, so holding a baby while trying to do it can be an agony.

Despite some flaws, Tommee Tippee Simplee diaper pail is still a good product. It focuses on the economical usage of space, prevention of odor spreading and germ elimination. Looking for information for this diaper pail, other Tommee Tippee diaper pail reviews were not as helpful, so the personal experience proved to be the most fitting. Still, if you don’t have a problem with frequent bag change and hand-only pail usage, this can be the thing you are looking for.


Small in dimensions

Multi-layer film with antibacterial properties

Keeps the odor inside the pail

Built-in film cutter


No foot pedal

Tight lid

Frequent bag replacement

Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail (7 gallon: 1-2 days) by Busch Systems

Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail (7 gallon: 1-2 days) by Busch Systems

If you’re looking for best cloth diaper pails, I have (sort of) bad news. This is the only diaper pail on the market that is fully designed for cloth diapers. Although it is not very big, it can contain about 2 days’ worth of cloth diapers, so be sure to keep that in mind if you consider buying this product. For some, that is more than enough, but for others, it just isn’t.

Two clamps on the side have a pretty strong grip, so if you accidentally flip the pail over, the content will stay inside. This can be pretty useful if you have pets running around the house. It has a carbon filter placed in teddy bear shaped cage, that allows the air to get in, and prevents odor from getting out. It has a mild scent, but if you want, you can dip it in your favorite essential oil, to make it smell more refreshing. Since it is made from recycled plastic, it is eco-friendly and can be recycled again.

However, as time passes by, the plastic absorbs odor, and it starts to smell even when it`s empty. In time, the handles get loose, because of poor quality materials, and closing the pail entirely and firmly becomes almost impossible. This problem could have been resolved with a high-quality, closed-cell plastic design, but for some reason, Busch Systems decided not to do so and to put the price bar pretty high. Another bad thing is that you need to operate it with both hands because of the clamps on the both sides of the pail. That excludes the possibility of using it while holding the baby.

Overall, Odorless cloth diaper pail offers some good and useful features. Eliminating odor using its two clamps in combination with charcoal filter ensures fresh air even if the bin is full. Although it is not as durable as it should be, it is the best solution at the moment if you’re looking for best diaper pail for cloth diapers. Made out of recycled materials that can be recycled again when the time calls, Busch Systems are trying to make Earth a cleaner place for all the people and set an example for other


Carbon odor filter

Tight clamp closure

Wide opening



Requires two hands to operate

PriceSmall height requires user to bend

In time, plastic absorbs the smell

Bubula Steel Diaper Pail

Bubula Steel Diaper Pail, White

Bubula Steel Diaper Pail is something else when it comes to dirty diaper management. Its tall design gives you more space for unwanted packages and doesn’t require you to bend, so it’s pretty easy to use. In addition, it requires just one hand to operate, so it allows you to hold the baby while disposing of the diaper. Overall, it has a good design, and it is very user-friendly, putting it among the top rated diaper pails in this segment.

The great thing about this pail is that it`s made from materials that don’t absorb the odor over time. The combination of durable rubber, steel, and aluminum, makes the lid an impenetrable obstacle for the odor. With this type of pail, you will have no problem with bad scent spreading around the house.

In case you have more children that like to play with stuff around the house, the safety lock will keep them away from digging through dirty diapers. This pail can use any garbage bags, which saves you money and it can be used as a regular trash bin when your children learn how to use the potty.

Although its tall design has its benefits, there is also a downside to it. It cannot be placed wherever you may want it, like some of the other diaper pails on the market can. It is a bit space-consuming. Despite the strong materials it was built from, the lid is poorly designed and brakes easily. Interior is full of sharp parts that can give you a headache when you are about to change the bag because it can easily tear it apart. This is a pretty pricey product if we consider all the flaws it has. I inspected another Bubula diaper pail review, and found that its price is the downside.

Even if it may seem that the price for this product is too high, there are many advantages to consider before ruling this option out. You don`t have to make almost any effort to use it, it has tons of space for dirty diapers, it is safe for children, and most importantly it keeps your home odor-free. But don’t choose it if you live in a small condo and care about space consumption. Also, if you do consider buying it, be aware that you need to be cautious when changing bags and opening the lid.


Tall ergonomic design

Keeps odor inside the pail

Safety lock

Uses ordinary trash bags


Lid can break easily


Sharp interior parts that can tear trash bags

Space consuming

Charlie Banana Washable Hanging Diaper Pail

Charlie Banana Washable Hanging Diaper Pail

Charlie Banana Washable Hanging Diaper Pail is a useful accessory for cloth diaper management and dirty clothes storage. Although it may look small, it can store up to 20 diapers due to its elastic properties. When it`s emptied, it consumes almost no space at all and is easy to put away when you stop using it, which is a feature that none of the solid material diaper pails have.

The waterproof outer layer prevents the unwanted content of dirty diapers from spreading outside the pail. It has a hanging hoop so you can place it almost anywhere in the room, on the nearby doorknob for example, or any kind of hook-shaped object nearby. Also, it can be convenient if you travel somewhere, as it is very easy to transport.

Washing the content of the bag is easy as it has a zipper on the side, allowing you to shake it out directly to the washing machine. And not only that, after you empty the content of the bag, you can throw it in the washing machine as well. It comes in various colors so it can match your home interior design.

The paradox of this washable hanging diaper pail is that its biggest advantage is easy washing feature, but the zipper and waterproof material can be damaged if you put the bag in the dryer, or when you wash it on high temperatures so you should maybe consider ruling out that option. Another problem is that it cannot be entirely closed, and the odor escapes easily, but no pail of this type is able to contain the smell completely.

This is a completely different type of dirty diapers management. It`s not a solid plastic or metal can, its appearance reminds more of a rucksack. It`s an ideal solution for small households where every inch of free space counts. Also, it`s budget friendly, and I would advise you to buy two of them, so when one is in the washing machine, the other one can be used. Although, you should be careful about putting the bag in the washer or dryer since it can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures. Furthermore, it is not so perfect when it comes to keeping the odor in check.



Doesn’t require a lot of space


Can’t be entirely closed

Zipper can leak

Diaper Pail Buying Guide

Babies are one of the cutest sights human eye can be set upon. They are our joy and although there are many worries and bumps along the way of parenthood, new parents tend to do just fine. Even if things seem a bit difficult, and you do not know how to change diaper to your child, nor what to do with used one afterwards, do not panic. Luckily, modern technology gives us the opportunity to avoid such situations. This is why it is important to find the top rated diaper pails available, and to determine which characteristics you must take into consideration when shopping. Diaper pail reviews are very helpful in this process, always have in mind to use them as aid in the search.

How does it work?

Most of the people will think that this is but an oddly looking trashcan, but the truth is a bit different. What makes it different is a sealing mechanism, which keeps the smell contained. Furthermore, some of the best diaper pails for disposable diapers will support standard plastic bags, which are most commonly used in every house on a daily basis, so there is no need for buying special equipment. In addition, if you can use it with one hand while holding your baby with the other, it is a huge plus. In addition, the designers have managed to infiltrate this branch of industry as well, so you can pick some that will also look very nice.

Why should I buy such a thing? There is a trashcan outside, right?

You are absolutely right. You can always go outside, and throw away the used diaper, but sometimes you simply cannot. For example, if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night for a late dinner due to their feeding routine which often involves night feeding; and it is snowing outside, will you change your clothes just to throw away a diaper? Of course not, you will throw it into the can. However, by morning, the smell will invade most of the house, and to prevent this you will have to obtain the best diaper pail for smell available. Those often have a neutralizer included, so it is more than a trashcan.

When to get it?

It is pretty clear so far that these modern home appliances will make your life a lot easier. To put it simply, you can buy it whenever you like, but it is best advised to do so before new member (or members) of your family arrives. Of course, in the beginning, while the baby is being fed with liquid food, the smell is not that awful. Later, when she starts consuming solid food, the bad smell situations will start to happen. This is your “code red”, and the time is right for shopping. But of course, this is individual. It is better to be safe than sorry after all.

How big should it be?

First, the answer to this question depends if you have one baby, twins, or triplets. More babies require a bigger pail. On average, during the first month of baby’s life, she will use around ten diapers per day, meaning around 320 per month. Number of babies multiplies this number, if you have more than one. Of course, this number will decrease over the next months, but still, it is quite a number. Luckily, there are manufacturers, which are making the best diaper pails for twins, so there is no need to buy two of those. Keep in mind that pails for cloth and disposable diapers are not the same, meaning that those for cloth diapers are larger in general.

Is there no alternative?

Of course that there are other ways to put away dirty diapers. In case that you are still not convinced that you need a pail, you can always buy an ordinary trash can, but slightly bigger. Keep in mind that it must have good sealing mechanism, and that it must be suitable for one hand usage. With all this in mind, you will probably spend around $30, and that is how much top diaper pails are worth.

So, why not buy one than? The best diaper pail will ease your life significantly and get you more time for other things.

I wish you many happy (smell-free) moments with your baby!

Best Diaper Pail 2018 – Buyer’s Guide


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