What is the Best Playard to use at the Beach

One of the most outstanding features of the modern playard is that it is mobile. Most are designed in such a way to make them easily portable between locations. This means that you can take it with you wherever you want to go. It’s so versatile that it makes a great portable playpen, toddler bed or crib for your youngster. But what if you want to go to the beach? Can you use it at the beach just like anywhere else? The answer is: Yes! It is absolutely possible to take the playard to the beach with you so your youngster can enjoy the salty air and soothing waves. There are a few things to consider if you are planning on taking the pack-n-play to the beach.

Basic Care of a Playard at the Beach

There are going to be two major concerns when you use a playard at a beach. The first one is to provide some sort of cover for the child as you don’t want them to suffer from too much sun exposure. Depending on the age of the child and their specific health situation you can use some sunscreen to help. But you will want to use something like a sheet draped over the top or side exposed to direct sunlight.

The other issue is going to be making sure no sand gets caught in the mechanisms. You are not going to be able to prevent sand from getting in the folding parts altogether. However, you can either bring something solid like a sheet of plywood to set up the playard on, or try to make sure you get as much of the sand out as possible. When you get back to the hotel or your house, you can use a hose to wash it all out good to ensure no sand is trapped in the folding joints. This is a good idea anyway, since you don’t want to track a lot of sand inside either.

When picking a playard to take to the beach, note that you will want one without wheels. Wheels can gather too much sand too easily and it can be too difficult to get it all cleaned out adequately enough. If the sand gets into wheels they can stop turning and be permanently damaged. Choose a pack ‘n play with legs instead of wheels for your beach adventure.

Which playards will work best for an outing at the beach

Since you know you are going to use a playard in a beach setting, you will be looking for a couple of specific qualities. One thing you’ll want for sure in a pack-n-play that is one that is super lightweight so it’s easy to transport. It will also need to be easy to fold up. And you’ll want to make sure to get a model that comes with a carrying case of some sort. And of course, you’ll want something that allows for plenty of air flow.

One of the best options for taking a playard to the beach is the Graco Pack ‘n Play Sport. This model is a good choice for a beach outing because it comes with a cover that provides some protection from the sun and allows for plenty of airflow at the same time.

Another great option is the Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Totbloc. These two playards are very different, but either of them will work very well on the beach. They both have carrying bags and are easy to set up. The other feature that is useful for the beach is the legs. These two playards don’t have wheels, instead they have legs.


Choosing a playard for your beach outing is simple once you create a list of the features you feel you need. Just choose the one that fits best with your plans. Then go enjoy your day at the beach and let your baby or toddler enjoy the beauty of nature with you.

What is the Best Playard to use at the Beach

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