How Does a Diaper Pail Work?

A diaper pail is a solution to the large amount of poopy diapers that parents have to handle. However, some people ask how does a diaper pail work? If you’re a new parent, you may want to know how these pails can be especially useful.

A Mountain Load to Manage

Do you have any idea how many diapers your new born will use each year? The following information is from toy and child needs aggregate Toys”R”Us via Babies”R”Us. To see the tabular info, click here.

During the first month of your new born baby, you will make 10 to 12 diaper changes each day. That means you will use about 320 diapers that month.

During the first five months, you will be making 8 to 10 diaper changes each day. That means your baby will use up to 870 diapers total.

At 5 to 9 months, you will need to dispose up to 870 diapers. When your baby turns 9 to 12 months of age, you will have disposed of 728 diapers since you will be making 8 diaper changes each day.

That is a whopping total of 2,788 diapers in the first year alone. That’s a huge mountain of diapers! On top of that you will be spending a huge amount of time walking to and fro just to throw the diapers out the garbage.

Managing the Load

Diaper pails help you manage the huge load of dirty diapers (especially poopy diapers). With the help of these pails you will reduce the amount of time walking to the trash bin. Biggest plus of all is that these pails help you manage the smells – especially useful if you prefer cloth diapers.

How Does a Diaper Pail Work?

These are pails are more than just containers for your baby’s used diapers. They function as containers but they actually do more than a run off the mill trash bin. These specially designed pails help to contain the odor from soiled and dirty diapers.

They are specially designed for containment even though the designs may vary from one manufacturer to another. The odors are tightly sealed even if you have to add a new diaper to the can or if you have to dispose of an entire batch.

It does more than sealing the pail tight. A big part of the technology behind these pails is in the design, material construction, and chemical technology employed.

The best pails designed to contain diapers have specially designed mechanisms for depositing new diapers into the main chamber. These mechanical features prevent the majority of the stink from leaving the pail’s main chamber.

Some of these containment chambers may be lined with a bag. When the bag gets filled, it can be sealed from the outside and then taken out for disposal. That way, no odors escape the pail when you take out all the collected diapers.

Things to Consider

When you are out in the market for a diaper pail, you should consider a few important factors. Here they are:

  • Material and Price: It is no secret that the material used to construct these pails has a direct impact on their price. There are different types of plastic and some of them are more resistant to smells.

Note that some types of plastic will react to the chemicals in the poop. That is why some cheaper pails tend to discolor after some use. That means the plastic has reacted to the odor and other stuff that comes with the diapers stored inside.

The big issue is that the types of plastic that do not react to the smells tend to be a bit more expensive.

You just need to balance cost with effectiveness – if the pail is lined with a disposable fabric and the seal is tight enough, then it might work well even if the pail is on the more affordable end of the market.

  • Cost of the Bag Refills: You should also consider not just price of the pail, but also the price of the replacement bags. That’s another cost center that you will have to deal with aside from the diapers that you will eventually dispose of. Get a pail that has disposable bags that carry a reasonable price.
  • Odor Control: You will have to check out real customer reviews on this one. We recommend that you figure out how well a pail contains the odor while it’s sitting in the room and while you add a new soiled diaper.
  • Ease of Bag Change: We recommend that you check out how the disposal method of each pail is designed. The easier it is to seal the bag tight and take out the entire batch, then the better the diaper pail will be.
  • Ease of Disposal: Most mommies and daddies will be carrying the baby in one arm while throwing the diaper away with the other. The pail should be easy to open even if both your hands are busy – some pails can be opened by stepping on a lever or pedal at the bottom just like a regular trash can.

On top of that, the pail should get sealed tight after you close the lid. That means the lid on the pail should snap shut with minimal effort.

Don’t Just Rely on Pictures

It takes more than just looking at pictures and videos on the internet to figure out if a diaper pail will work for you. Actual customer reviews will be helpful but they can only go so far.

The best option of course is to find several pails you like as advertised online. After that, you should go to a real store so that you can check out the pails for yourself and examine them first hand.

Figure out if the pail is big enough. Remember that each child is different and sometimes the large size pails may not be enough to hold all the diapers you need to contain in one day.

After that, you should do a bit of price comparisons. Some online shopping stores offer huge discounts on their products. However, don’t discount the possibility of sales by brick and mortar stores – they sometimes have unbeatable offers too.

How Does a Diaper Pail Work?