How to get smell out of diaper pail?

Do you want to find out how to get smell out of “diaper pail”? If you do, then you should read on.

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful moments in every family. However, although babies bring to us a special kind of joy and refreshment, taking care of them is never an easy task.

One of the problems when you nurse a baby is the fact that babies poop and pee every now and then. Hence, there is a need to change diapers several times in a day.

To make the task of diaper disposal easier, we bring in our homes “diaper pails”. Indeed diaper pails have been a great help as they keep diaper odor inside the pail. Odor elimination is the number one goal of every diaper pail manufacturer. Hence, various improvements have been devised to keep the pail odor free. However, even though these manufacturers have given a large portion of their time, effort, and money to resolve the odor issue, still stinky smell leaks out of the pail.

How to get smell out of diaper pail

Getting Rid Of The Smell

I know you are wondering how you can get rid of this bad odor coming from the diaper pail. Do you know that there are things that you can do to minimize or put an end to this common problem?

A smelly ambiance inside the house is not only inconvenient, but also irritating. Thus, it is good to know that there are simple ways that we can do to get rid of this nasty odor.

Listed below are the ways that you can get the smell out of a diaper pail.

  • Wash diaper pail regularly.

Diaper pail harbors both odor and bacteria. Hence, there is a need for you to wash them on a regular basis. Wash the diaper pail twice each day. Use antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly with running water.

A clean diaper pail will do wonders for the family. This simple way will not only save your family from the horrible smell, but will also keep them away from the stress caused by the foul odor.

  • Put a box of charcoal near the pail

Charcoal is one of the greatest odor absorber of all time. According to research, charcoal absorbs odor and toxins in gasses such as air.

Put an open box with loads of charcoal near your diaper pail. The charcoal in the box will absorb the odor leaking in the pail.

You can even recycle your previously used charcoal. Indeed this method is cheap, yet very effective.

  • Put a cup of baking soda near the pail

Another amazing odor absorber unknown to many is baking soda. As a matter of fact, many commercial cat litter is using this to minimize odor in a litter box.

Put your kitchen baking soda in a cup. Place the cup somewhere near your diaper pail, to suck in the stinky odor.

  • Buy two diaper pails

The more diapers you place inside the pail, the more likely that it will stink. When these diapers pile up, it will be harder for the pail to hold the odor inside.

Stinky odor will surely escape from the pail when it is full. Hence, to minimize odor, do not throw too much diaper in a single pail.

Bring two diaper pails in your home instead of one. This way, you will be throwing less diapers in each pail.

  • Leave a cup of fresh coffee grounds near the pail

Fresh ground coffee is another excellent odor absorber. Ground Coffee has a strong smell, which has the capacity to neutralize undesirable odors nearby.

  • Leave a cup of vinegar near the pail

Just like charcoal, ground coffee, and baking soda, vinegar is a great odor absorber. Many of us is not aware that this ordinary kitchen vinegar is also an outstanding odor eliminator.

  • Leave a bowl of your favorite oats near the pail

If you like oats for breakfast, you can spare a cup or a bowl of that to clear bad smells leaking in your diaper pail.

I’m sure many will be surprised upon reading this. Who of course would expect that oats will eliminate odor?

So go ahead, leave a bowl of your favorite oats near the diaper pail. This trick will get rid of the smell from the pail.

  • Use cinnamon to get the smell out

When your diaper pail is stinking, and the smell is all over the house, don’t panic. In this situation, cinnamon will be a great help.

Boil cinnamon in a pot and allow its sweet and refreshing aroma to spread inside the house. Cinnamon, is inexpensive but it is a guaranteed effective deodorizer.

  • Use lemons to get rid of the smell

There are so many ways you can use lemons to get rid of the irritating smell from the diaper pail. These ways include the following:

  • When the room is already smelly, boil lemon in a pot of water, and this will surely solve the problem.
  • You may also put a cut lemon near the diaper pail. The lemon will absorb the smell from the pail.
  • You may also throw the cut lemon itself inside the diaper pail. The lemon will absorb the smell inside the pail.
  • Throw most of your diapers in the garbage can outside the house

Of course this is one of the easiest solutions to your problem on smelly diaper pail. When you throw most of your diapers outside, you will be able to cut the number of diapers you put inside the pail.

The fewer diapers inside the pail, the lesser the chances that stinky odor will leak. When the number of diapers inside the pail is less, your diaper pail will most of the time keep the odor inside.

The abovementioned steps and methods are simple. They only require a bit of your time and effort.

Answering the question on how to get smell out of diaper pail is very important. It should be addressed by every family in order to maintain the health and wellbeing of every member, most especially your baby.

How to get smell out of diaper pail?