How Long Can You Swing That Infant Swing?

Infant swings proved to be a miracle worker for parents who want to do something for their babies like getting them to eat or sleep. But the question now is: How long do babies use swings?

There is no denying how adorable babies are when you let them crawl and play as much as they want. The joy of seeing them laugh and giggle is enough to take away the stressful demands of work.

But sometimes, letting them play to their heart’s content can also lead to some stressful games of tag. This is why infant swings are becoming a trend for parents with energetic babies.

To answer your concerns on how long infant swings should be used, the following things should be considered.

Age or Weight: What should matter?

It is not the age of the baby that becomes the basis when she should stop using the infant swing. It is not on the question of the age but rather on the weight limit of the swing.

Manufacturers of infant swings indicate on their manuals a certain weight limit for their products. It is advisable to stop using the swing when the baby exceeds this weight limit.

Different brands have different weight limits for their infant swings. One of the more popular brands, Fisher Price, has swings with 25-pound limits. Another brand, Graco, sets a 30 pounds limit on their swings.

When Can The Baby Climb Out of the Swing?

Aside from the weight of the baby, parents must also consider the ability of their child to get out of the swing on their own. Babies as young as 12 months can climb out of their swings without anybody’s help. This may seem like a good development on their independence but it can also be bothersome.

If parents are too dependent on the swing they might not notice that their babies are already jumping out of the swing with the thought of having a fun adventure as they land on the concrete floor. This might lead to bigger problems.

There have been reports of babies being injured or even dying because of these kinds of incidents.

How long do babies use swings

When Can The Baby Sleep Without the Swing?

Each baby has a different way of adjusting to infant swings. One baby might not need to use the swing even if she didn’t reach the weight limit yet. But some babies need a longer time of using infant swings.

One indicator that the baby is ready to stop using the infant swing is when she can sleep in the swing for less than two hours without the need of rocking or swinging.

If the parents still have a hard time putting their baby to sleep, then the infant swing should still be used. This is only applicable when the baby has not yet reached the weight limit and when she cannot climb out of the swing alone.

Why Is It A Good Idea Stop Using Swings As Early As Possible?

No matter how great of a tool infant swings are, it is still impossible to use this forever to calm down your baby.

There are different reasons that babies experience problems in sleeping. Parents should pinpoint the root cause instead of depending on infant swings.

Parents can seek the help of experts if they do not know why their babies cannot have a proper beauty sleep. There are also baby-bedtime strategies that they can use in dealing with their babies’ sleeping problems such as establishing a pre-bedtime routine that lets the baby know it’s time to sleep.

Using infant swings for a longer period of time might have a negative impact on the baby. Like older children, babies should be given an ample amount of exercise and recreational activities.

Even if it is troublesome at some time, babies need to crawl and play as much as possible. These things serve as their exercise routines and, at the same time, your bonding sessions.

It is better to stop using infant swings as early as possible. Focus more on letting them play to their hearts’ content so they could spend energy and be ready to sleep.

How can the baby get used to not using the swing?

It’s good news when the parents finally decide that it is time to put the swing aside. But habits are quite hard to break. Babies cannot just suddenly stop using the infant swing any time of the day. Parents must consider a couple of things for their babies to get used to not using the swing.

Experts say that parents must not leave their babies on the swing for more than 30 minutes a day to help them get used to not sleeping in it. They can gradually lessen the time that their babies spend on the swing as the days pass.

Reducing the speed of swinging can also be another way for the baby to get used to not using it. The reason why babies want to sleep on swings is the swinging motion that makes them sleepy. The lesser the motion, the more they can get used to not using the swing.

Helping your baby to know that it is time to sleep is another way. Once her body knows that it’s sleeping time, you do not have to spend a lot of time putting her to sleeping mode. To help your baby know that it’s nap time already, sleeping cues are essential. The parents can sing a lullaby or make the lights dimmer when it is almost time to sleep.

Final Say

Despite being a useful tool for parents, infant swings also have their own limitations and disadvantages. The weight limit, the baby’s ability to climb out of the swing, and her sleeping mood are the basic things to consider when deciding to stop the usage of the swing.

​Infant swings can be a temporary solution for babies’ sleeping troubles but this does not solve the problem itself. Opinions of experts must be considered to find the root cause of the problem.

​It is better to use infant swings for a short time so as not to let the baby depend on it to sleep.

​Remember that if you’re a new parent,you should know the answer not just to “how long do babies use swings” but also to “why does your baby need them so much.”

How Long Can You Swing That Infant Swing?


How long do babies use swings

To answer your concerns on how long infant swings should be used, the following things should be considered.