How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat No Matter How Hot It Is Outside

When it’s too hot outside, you can’t help it but worry about your little tots and tykes sitting in the back seat. You’ll constantly think of ways on how to keep baby cool in car seat.

The AC’s on but with temperature reaching beyond 100 degrees, the cool air can’t reach the little ones back there, especially the rear-facing babies. Here are some tips that will make your next trip with them cooler.

What you can Do

  • Block the sun or direct its rays away from your baby
  • Help your baby cool off
  • Use air cooling accessories for your baby

Tip 1: How can you Block the Sun Away from your Car?

When the sun enters your car, it makes the interior hotter than it is already outside. The reason why this happens is because of the greenhouse effect.

While it’s happening to our precious earth, it’s also happening inside your car. The question is, exactly how?

When the solar radiation from the sun enters your car, the car’s interior absorb it, including the car seats, glass, dashboard, carpet, everything! This is no wonder that when you leave your car out under the sun, it becomes hotter inside.

Here’s what you can do to lessen the heat that enters your car.

  • Have a tint installed on the windows of your car. Do this especially for the ones at the back where your baby sits.
  • You can also use a car shade. You can do this if you’re not comfortable sitting inside a car with a tinted window.
  • ​Instead of using a shade for the entire car, you can use baby car seat shade. You can easily attach the ends of a baby car seat shade at the front and rear seats.
  • You can also use a muslin sheet as a shade. A muslin sheet is lightweight, so it’s cool enough but can still block the sun.

Blocking the sun can help lessen the heat inside your car. Both you and your baby can benefit from that.

Tip 2: How can you Help your Baby Cool Off?

Sweating helps the body maintain its proper temperature. Sweat wets the skin, evaporates, and cools the body off.

You can help your baby to simulate sweat and encourage his or her body to cool itself off. Here are some tips on how you can help your baby cool off.

  • Always bring a spray bottle inside the car. When it gets too hot, spray a little on the skin and hair of your baby. Not too much, though. It may cause his clothes to get wet, which will make it intolerable for him when he’s inside air conditioned places.
  • Use an air mist. This is just like a spray bottle, only with a mild scent, usually with a summery or fruity scent.
  • Use an evaporating cooling towel. You can easily buy one from the camping or outdoors section in a local hardware store.

Cooling towels can be rubbed off on the skin because it’s safe for your baby. You can also put them on the head or on the lap, whichever is comfortable for him.

  • Wear light clothes on your baby, especially when it’s hot outside. A sleeveless or tank top, and shorts will be perfect.

However, you should always bring a jacket in case it gets cold outside. It’s better to be ready, than sorry.

  • Use a cool seat liner. It’s a liner with vented materials used for baby car seats that can reduce overheating.
  • Always bring cool water or drinks, but avoid the sugary kinds. You can put the drinks in a vacuum insulated bottle for kids or babies, so its coldness is maintained, usually for up to 12 hours.
  • Use baby car seat cooling ice packs. They are not literally like the hard ice packs with frozen blocks of ice inside.

Cooling ice packs for baby car seats are just like liners that are frozen before they are used. They keep car seats cool when not in use.

You can freeze one overnight, and place it on your baby’s car seat the next morning before leaving your house. You can take a cooler with you, so you can put the seat cooler there and keep it cool for longer trips.

When you use these kinds of products, remember to choose light-colored ones or those with fun-themed packaging. This can help your baby feel like it’s fun to keep it cool inside the car.

Tip 3: What Air Cooling Accessories Can You Use?

There are some accessories today that can help keep your baby cool in the back seat.

  • Use the Noggle. It’s a flexible duct attached to the cooling front vent in your car and directed towards your baby in the back seat.

It’s a fun way of keeping your baby cool. The Noggle is covered with a fabric, usually colorful, to keep your baby entertained while keeping him or her well-ventilated.

  • Alternatively, you can create your own flexible air duct. You can use an aluminum flexible ducting material that you can buy from a hardware store.

Cover the aluminum flexible duct with a colorful or baby-themed fabric. Use zip ties to attach it to your car’s front vent and direct it to the back seat.

How to Keep Baby Cool

Other Useful Tips

Aside from doing all the tips and using all the products we mentioned above, you can also do the following to provide a more cooling car environment for your baby.

  • Travel in the morning or evening when the temperature is colder outside
  • Use a light-colored car seat because it doesn’t absorb heat or light
  • ​Turn on the AC before you and your baby go inside the car
  • Use a car seat cover to prevent the baby car seat from absorbing heat.


Whatever the weather, you must always keep your baby cool in the back seat. He or she should have ample air.

Also, don’t forget to take your baby with you when you leave your car. Never leave a baby unattended inside a closed vehicle, with or without the AC on.

How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat No Matter How Hot It Is Outside


How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat No Matter How Hot It Is Outside

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