How to set up graco pack n play

The Graco Pack ‘N Play serves as a sleeping crib, bassinet, or playard for babies. It is portable and can make your child’s sleeping arrangements simple and safe during travels.

This guide shows will show you simple steps on how to set up Graco Pack n Play, using the bassinet and the canopy.

Materials You’ll Need: Pack ‘N Play Frame, Bassinet Mattress, Bassinet Attachment, Bassinet Attachment Tubes, Bassinet Floor Liner, Bassinet Fitted Sheet, Canopy Mesh, Tubing

Note: We recommend not to set up the bassinet and canopy into your Pack n Play at the same time; otherwise, overheating inside the unit or in your child may occur. Use the materials as needed.

Setting Up the Pack ‘N Play

Step 1: Undo the Velcro straps and fold them back onto themselves. Lay the mattress neatly aside.

Step 2: Grab the bottom of two of the rails, and start pulling up until they click into place. Make sure that the top rails are locked and rigid.If they are unstable, pull them up again until they are firm.

Step 3: Pull up the remaining sides until they lock. If the rails do not lock, lift the center disc higher off the floor.Set them at least halfway up so that the locks catch properly. Make sure all the top rails are firm and stable.

Step 4: Hold onto one of the rails and push the center disc down until it flattens and locks securely in place.

At first set-up, you may need to stretch the fabric and netting slightly, so that the unit breaks in. If the center disc doesn’t stay down, put some weight (like several books) at the center and leave it overnight.

Installing the Bassinet

The 4 bassinet tubes are placed in the storage pockets of the bassinet itself. The tubes are of two types: first is with a loop at one end and wire at the other, and the second has a red spring latch at one end and the other end is rounded.

Step 1: Insert the wire end of 1 tube into the rounded end of a tube with a red spring latch. Do the same with the other tubes.

Step 2: Once assembled, slide each tube into the tunnels on the edges of the bassinet. Lift the bassinet by the 2 tubes and lower it into your Pack ‘N Play.The warnings printed on the end flap should be facing upwards.

Step 3: Place the loop end of the tube into the slot in the corner. Do the same on the other end with the red spring latch.Make sure that the loop ends are properly installed in the slots in the plastic corner. The bassinet should also be securely attached in your Pack ‘N Play.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the other sides. Once done, snap the end flaps to the unit using the 8 snaps included in the package.There should be 4 snaps on each side.

Step 5: Cover the soft side of the bassinet mattress with the fitted sheet and place it in the bassinet with the soft side up. Press on the mattress to secure it to the Velcro on the unit.

how to set up Graco Pack n Play

Using the Pack ‘N Play as a Portable Crib / Playard

Place the mattress into the bassinet with the soft side up. Slide the 2 Velcro straps through the slots in the bottom of the unit then fasten them to the Velcro located on the underside to prevent the mattress from being moved around.

Setting Up and Using the Canopy

Step 1: Open out the tubing and slide its 3 sections together, forming a single long tube. The tubing has an elastic cord, which holds the pieces safely together.

Step 2: Insert the long tube in the tunnel of the canopy and slide it until both ends stick out of the tunnel at about 3-4 inches.

Step 3: Push the ends of the tube into the brackets located at the corners of the unit. The end caps will click into place in all the brackets.The shiny side of the canopy goes on the inner side of the unit, while the mesh side goes on the same side as the brackets.

Step 4: Draw the back corners of your canopy above the back corners of your Pack ‘N Play. Attach the Velcro squares located on the back corners of your canopy and the ends of the top rail.

Step 5: To avoid overheating in the playard, avoid using the canopy and the bassinet at the same time. Keep the mattress and mesh shaded or away from sunlight, and keep the playard well-ventilated at all times.

Accessory Features

Side Flap: If you want to raise the side flap, unfasten the Velcro straps at the bottom and roll the flap up. Fasten it in place with the snap loops at the top.

Wheels: To release the wheel locks, pull upwards on the levers, and vice versa.

Toy Bag: The toy bag’s maximum weight capacity is 0.9 kg. (2 lbs.). It snaps on the end of the unit.


Before using, inspect your Pack ‘N Play for missing parts, sharp edges, damaged hardware, and loose joints. Avoid using the product if any part is broken or missing.

Never attempt to substitute the parts or use parts that aren’t specifically made by Graco, as these may not be compatible, thus, leading to accidents.

Always keep the unit away from hazardous areas, like near drapes, blinds, strings and long dangling cords, to prevent injuries. When used either as a playard or a sleeping crib, always keep your child in view and never leave him/her unattended.

Discontinue using the bassinet if your child weighs more than 6.8 kg. (15 lbs.), can push up on knees and hands, or can roll over.


Knowing how to set up Graco Pack n Play properly is essential for your child’s safety and security, as well as for your peace of mind. Hope you enjoy this information.

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How to set up graco pack n play