How Many Crib Sheets do You Need?

Sometimes, parents are so focused on purchasing the right crib, they forget about considering crib sheets. Once they get their bundle of joy home and realize they don’t have enough sheets, then they think about it. It can be troublesome to run out of sheets during the night. But just how many crib sheets do you need? Crib sheets for the baby are just as important as the other items needed or the nursery. There are also plenty of mistakes to be made when making this purchase. There are several things to consider in determining how many crib sheets are necessary.

Do You Need Sheets or Bundles with Sheets?

When you start looking for crib sheets you’re going to find a few options available. Sometimes they are bundled with extras and those extras make you think you’re getting something real special. You may think you are getting lots of other stuff too, and you may well be. But some of the other items that come with sheets for a crib can pose suffocation dangers. It’s important to simply focus on the kinds of sheets you want and how many crib sheets you need.

Benefits of Buying Extra Crib Sheets

The primary reason you are going to need several crib sheets is because they won’t stay clean long. Babies are actually pretty messy. They drool and sometimes spit up. Diapers are not secure enough around their little legs to keep other bodily fluids from leaking out and soiling sheets. Babies spend quite a bit of their days in their crib. They are in and out all day, and sometimes nights too. Each time they are placed in the crib for changing or napping it is highly likely the sheets will become soiled. It can happen many times a day.

At night, diapers are known to leak out often. It’s important to have at least one clean crib sheet available at all times as it can easily become soiled during a diaper change or while napping. Having extra crib sheets means having a clean sheet handy in the middle of the night if the need arises.

Laundry can become quite backed up, especially for young parents who tend to be sleep deprived. As long as you keep plenty of sheets clean and handy, it isn’t as difficult to keep up with the laundry small babies can produce. Don’t be afraid to spend extra money getting crib sheets. You are going to use them and you’ll be grateful for them at a 2 am diaper change that gets out of hand.

So how many crib sheets do you need for your new baby?

The actual number of sheets you purchase may depend largely on your budget and how many you can afford. If you shop around, you will be able to find some that match both your nursery décor and your budget. Most recommend having at least three or four crib sheets on hand. This gives you just enough to have a clean one or two and keep up with the demands of the laundry. If your budget allows, most recommend purchasing five to six crib sheets to start out with. This allows you to keep a couple clean while the rest are being laundered. Best case, you may want to ensure you have eight to 10 sheets on hand. This way you’ll have plenty for those long nights when baby is sick, or needs to be changed frequently.

You’ll most likely want to match the crib sheets with your other crib accessories. A crib set usually includes one print crib sheet as part of the set. If you look around a bit, you can usually find some that match the theme but are less expensive. You may consider buying one or two expensive print sheets. Then purchase a few plain colored sheets that match the color scheme. This gives your deco a boost and your pocketbook a break.

Things to Think about Before Buying Crib Sheets

Before you make the purchase, there are a few things you might want to think about. Remember, sheets are not really an “extra” purchase. They are in reality, just as important as your other crib and nursery related items. Here are a few things to think about after you decide how many crib sheets you need.

  • Choose the type of material you’ll want to use. There are flannel, cotton and polyester to choose from. Cotton is the most popular. It’s easy to keep clean and is cooler for baby than other types.
  • Forget about accessories. You’ll be tempted to purchase lots of extras like bumper pads or other decorative items. You can save money by sticking with the number of sheets you’ll need and not making extra purchases. Some of the other items that are often placed in cribs can be potential hazards for babies.
  • Make sure the crib sheets you buy fit the mattress. Sheets will have the size on the package. This needs to match the size of the crib mattress. This is safer for babies as a sheet that is too large can pop off the corner and cause a safety concern.
  • Make sure they are machine washable. Most of the time, you’ll see sheets that are machine washable. In some cases, you can find disposable sheets. This makes your load lighter, but it can become very expensive. There is nothing that compares with cotton cloth sheets. They are durable and easy to care for.
  • Know how many sheets you’ll need. Some people make it fine with as few as three sheets, but they do laundry a lot.

So how many crib sheets do you need for your baby?

In conclusion, having several crib sheets are a good idea for parents. If you have a strict budget, start with three and then later, buy three more. Having five or six on hand gives you enough to have plenty of clean sheets for your baby. Ideally, eight to 10 is the perfect number as it gives plenty of leeway and ensures there are plenty on hand in between loads of laundry.

How Many Crib Sheets do You Need?