How to Keep Baby Cool in Car Seat No Matter How Hot It Is Outside

How to Keep Baby Cool

When it’s too hot outside, you can’t help it but worry about your little tots and tykes sitting in the back seat. You’ll constantly think of ways on how to keep baby cool in car seat.The AC’s on but with temperature reaching beyond 100 degrees, the cool air can’t reach the little ones back there, […]

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How to set up graco pack n play

how to set up Graco Pack n Play

The Graco Pack ‘N Play serves as a sleeping crib, bassinet, or playard for babies. It is portable and can make your child’s sleeping arrangements simple and safe during travels.This guide shows will show you simple steps on how to set up Graco Pack n Play, using the bassinet and the canopy.Materials You’ll Need: Pack ‘N […]

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Everything You Wanted to Know About how tight should carseat straps be

How Tight Should Carseat Straps Be

When it comes to car seat safety, you’re not sure your little one will ever be safe enough. You want to know, “How tight should carseat straps be?” in order to be sure that your child is as safe as possible.Understanding the “pinch test” is a great way to ensure that your child is fastened […]

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Quick Tips To Mastering How To Clean Graco Car Seat

how to clean graco car seat

Messy car seats? Oh no, not again! No matter how well-behaved your little tots are on the road, chances are a messy accident is bound to happen anytime.It’s but natural – kids suddenly throw up, blow their diapers, spill food or drinks and bring on other kinds of mess while traveling. The car seats suffer […]

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Things You Should Know About : When To Switch To A Convertible Car Seat

When To Switch To A Convertible Car Seat

In the forefront of every parent’s mind is the safety of their child. From the moment that little bundle of love is ready to come home from the hospital, there is a mountain of gear that is used to protect them every moment of the day. The top of that list is the car seat.Car […]

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