The Best Pack and Play Playard for a 6 Month Old

A baby at 6 months of age is at a critical stage of growth and development. This is about the time when they start trying to be a little more mobile. During this month of development, they will probably start trying to turn toward both directions. This is quite the milestone, and parents should be excited. But it is also a time to be very cautious about where the baby is lain. The baby cannot be left unattended on a changing table, a bed or any other surface. During this stage of growth, you will likely find that they have rolled over to their stomach; or over to his back. With this much movement going on it is important to find the best pack and play for a 6 month old. Here are three of the top pack-n-plays available.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard, Manor

This pack ‘n play by Graco has all the features you will ever need. Since your baby is bigger you are not going to need the bassinet as it’s no longer safe for the baby to snooze in it. However, this playard does have a changing table that is handy for changing a baby on the go. It also has a built-in storage compartment that allows you to keep everything you need for changes where they are easily reached. Other key features of this pack ‘n play include:

· Portable changing pad

· Playard folds up easily

· Convenient carrying bag for ease of portability

· Portable storage compartment

· Airy mesh on all four sides

· Easy to clean fabric

One of the best features about this playard is the portable changing pad and storage compartment. This changing pad folds up easily along with the storage compartment so it’s easy to take it along where ever you want to go. The other stand-out feature for this product is that it is super easy to clean. The fabric is all designed to be cleaned quickly and effortless with a moist cloth.

Graco Pack N Play Palyard with Automatic Folding Feet, Pasadena

This is another great choice parents can make when they are looking for a playard for their 6 month old. It gives the baby a safe place to practice rolling around while keep them safe and off the floor. It folds up easily with just the push of a button and had folding wheels to help make it more compact when it’s folded up. It also has a toy bar for the baby to play with. Some of the key features of this playard by Graco include:

· Full-size removable bassinet

· Toybar with soft toys for baby to play with

· Easily portable (folds up easily)

· Convenient carrying bag for transporting

· Wheels fold in for a compact fit

One of the outstanding features of this pack ‘n play is its foldable feet. They fold in when packing it up to take it with you so they don’t stick out or get in the way. It also has a full-size bassinet which means you can use it with your 6 month old, at least until they start trying to get up into a crawling position.

Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard, Finch

This playard by Graco is designed for those on the go. It’s been redesigned to make an even more compact fold which makes it easy to store and carry. It has a full-size bassinet and a toy bar for the baby to play with. It has fewer accessories that make it easier to fold up and take on-the-go. The basic features of this playard include:

· Innovative foldup design

· Easy set up and take down

· Perfect portability

· 20% more compact than other models

· Full-size bassinet (removable)

· Toy bar

· Foldable feet for compact storage

· Convenient carrying bag

The feature that stands out about this pack ‘n play is the full-size bassinet which works for babies until they start trying to get up on their hands and knees. It is also easier to carry with you since it doesn’t have a lot of extra pieces that have to be removed or carried along with you. The bassinet is also removable once you no longer need it.

Which one is the best one for my 6 month old?

These are three outstanding models by Graco and they are all well worth the expense. Since they all have different features, it can be confusing to figure out which one is best. The answer is different for each parent, but there are some ways to sort out which one will be the best one for your circumstances.

  • Worried about cost? – The manor playard is the most expensive, with the other two being very close in price.
  • Worried about portability? – Which one you choose will depend on how much and how far you travel. If you travel only short distances for very short stays, you might want the Manor by Graco. It has a convenient changing table that goes with you so you don’t need to take the entire playard with you. If you travel further distances you may want the Finch playard since it has the fewest pieces to have to pack up and take along with you.
  • Worried about functionality? – You may want to consider buying one with a full-size bassinet. This will allow you to use if for the baby for a longer period of time giving it increased functionality. The baby can use the bassinet, which makes it easier to put him in and take him out of, until he or she is trying to get up into a crawling position. At that stage of growth, the bassinet can be removed and the bottom portion functions as a sleeping area. When the baby gets bigger they can use it as a play area.

Take a look at all the features these three playards offer, then choose the one that has can provide the most solutions for your personal set of needs. Each of these are high quality and of sturdy construction. But they each one have at least one unique feature that might be the perfect solution for your baby’s situation.