Uses for a Pack and Play for Twins

If you are going to have twins, you know you have your work cut out for you. But there are a lot of products on the market that an help your job become slightly easier from time to time. The pack and play for twins is one such item. You already know pack and plays are handy. Here are a few uses for pack and plays when you have twins in your home.

pack and play for twins


It's not possible to hold both twins all day every day, as much as you might want to when they are first born. The pack and play will help you set one twin down somewhere safe where they are contained while you deal with the other twin. If you need both your hands, the twin version of this product works well for both babies at the same time as well.


While it might be a little while before you go anywhere after the twins are born, sleeping is key when you travel. If your twins have a hard time sleeping outside their regular home, this product can help them, and you, get a good night of rest away from home. They will be familiar with the item and it will remind them of home. They are more likely to sleep well in their own pack and play than in a foreign bed. The pack and play is great for other uses upon travel as well.


Twin pack and plays often come with raised areas that helps you convert the product into a changing table. You can safely lay the baby in the top tray for diaper and clothing changes. It saves your knees from going all the way to the ground and keeps the babies safe while you move around to get the items you need. Changing two babies is always a challenge and you will need all the help you can get.

Play Pen

Sometimes, the babies will be happy for a few moments here and there entertaining themselves and each other. But there are plenty of dangers around the house that you simply can't baby proof. The pack and play is a great place to set the babies while you take a shower, cook, or tend to other things that force you to take your eyes off them.

Sanitary Space

You can easily wipe the pack and play out and wash some elements of it. You know the babies are in a sanitary space when you set them within their own pack and play. If you take it along with you other places, it is a safe spot that keeps babies away from germs on the floor, choking hazards, and other items.

In Room Sleeping

When the babies are newborns and you want them to sleep close by, the pack and play is a great device to use. Both babies can be in your room in a safe space of their own. You can keep them close, yet allow them to have their own bed at the same time. When the time comes to move them to their own room, simply move their bed and you will be set. With any luck, they won't notice you're not right next to them.

Toy Storage

Once the twins get a little older and they are two big to sleep or play in the product, you might want to use it for other things, like toy storage. Two kids have twice the toys and it's hard to keep things up off the floor. The pack and play is a handy item to store toys in their room or in the corner of the family room. It's nice to keep around for when you have family members visit with babies of their own.


The pack and play for twins has many different uses. It can get you through a lot of rough nights when you travel and it can keep the babies safe when you try to change them. Even if you use it for only one of the above items, it is worth having it around. But using it for more things makes it all that much more versatile and helpful when you have twins in the house.

Uses for a Pack and Play for Twins